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The harsh act of domestic violence—intentionally inflicting harm or trauma to a spouse or family member without provocation or need for self-defense—is all too common, yet it is often kept in the shadows. It can occur at any time and cause permanent, painful damage. If you are in fear for your well-being or life and believe an immediate threat may be present, you need to call the police and find safety right away.

Next, you should contact a Burleson domestic violence attorney as soon as you can. The quickest and safest way out of your abusive relationship could be through divorce. At Coontz Cochran, we have over half a century of collective legal experience that we can use to find a fair and personalized solution for your situation.

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Do I Have Grounds for a Domestic Violence Case?

Spousal abuse and domestic violence is not a singular issue that is always readily identifiable.

It can come in a variety of dangerous or threatening forms, including:

  • Intentional physical abuse
  • Sexual assault
  • Stalking and harassment
  • Aggressive gestures or motions, such as shoving and pushing
  • Extortion or unreasonable coercion
  • Impairment of a medical condition, denying treatment or medication
  • Threat or promise of any of the above forms

It is of utmost importance that you report domestic violence as soon as it happens. Authorities agree that hiding or staying silent when experiencing spousal abuse can make the situation worse, as it may only empower the abuser. Additionally, if your domestic violence case is brought to court, you must not hesitate to testify honestly against the offender. If a divorce is granted, the victim is usually awarded with more than half of shared properties, and child custody or spousal support claims are often rewarded to those who have been injured through domestic violence.

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At Coontz Cochran, we take each domestic violence case extremely seriously, and we are honored to be able to serve those who need our help the most. Together, we can seek a fair ending to your marriage that keeps your best interests in mind. If you feel it is necessary, we can even assist you in filing for a restraining order against your abusive spouse. As a victim of domestic violence, or as someone wrongfully accused of committing a domestic violence crime, you can get started down the right path by scheduling a free consultation with our team today.

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