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Agreeing to Child SupportIn cases of divorce where children are involved, the parent who is granted custody will be responsible for the care of the child. However, the child still deserves the support of both parents. Child support is a monthly payment made by one parent to the custodial parent to be used for the child's care and education.

The amount varies depending on the parents' incomes and the child's needs, and it can be negotiated between the two parents or ordered by a judge. These payments will continue until the child either reaches 18 years of age or graduates from high school; is emancipated through marriage or by court order; until the child's death; or if the child is disabled for an indefinite period. If you have a concern involving child support, call the Burleson child support attorneys at Coontz Cochran for a free consultation about what to do next.

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What Are Common Child Support Issues?

If you have won child support or are looking to win child support from your ex-spouse, you'll surely be wondering any number of things.

There are, however, some questions and concerns that come up more often than most, such as:

  • Pursuing unpaid child support: If your ex-spouse has fallen behind in child support payments, you will be able to take legal action to win the amount owed.
  • Child support for previous dates: Child support payments only begin after a court determines their validity. This means that if you waited a year to request child support after your divorce, you can't collect for time lost in that year.
  • Joint custody payments: Even if you have joint custody of a child, you will likely still be granted child support from your ex-spouse if you make considerably less income than they do.
  • Visitation rights: If your ex-spouse is not granted visitation rights due to any number of circumstances, you can still pursue child support payments.

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In order to ensure that your child's best interests are met in a family law case, hire a skilled divorce lawyer as soon as possible. Coontz Cochran can provide an attorney with the experience needed to handle your case. With our help, you could prove to the court exactly how much support you will need to care for your child.

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